We will test your equipment quickly and accurately to the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZ3760.

Any plug in electrical appliances in a working environment or public place (i.e. computers, microwaves, 3 phase equipment, hand held tools, extension leads, power boards, portable Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) ) should be tested regularly & records must be kept.

The frequency of testing depends on the environment in which the appliance is being used. A harsher environment means the appliance is more likely to be damaged and should be tested more often.

Once tested the appliance shall have a Passed or Failed tag placed next to the male plug of the flexible lead. This test tag shows that the appliance has been tested and is therefore ready for use, or, the appliance is unsafe and is to be disconnected from use, and labeled with a ‘DANGER DO NOT USE’ tag.

A/H at no extra cost.

Once tested a record of the appliance, date, test outcomes will be sent to you and CTC can provide you with a detailed report if required.

We provide:

  • Workplace electrical inspection
  • Testing and tagging electrical equipment
  • Safety switch and R.C.D testing
  • Power point testing
  • Log books
  • call back service